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Honey Bunny is a bartender at Lucky Rabbit's Foot Casino, cutest casino in all Starlight City! She's busy at work when the no good gang, The Cool Cats, steal away the casino and the entire city's supply of cocktail cherries. Chase them down as Honey Bunny using your ears to headbutt enemies, grab items and platform around the city as you recover as many cherries as possible!

Made with Unreal Engine 4, Crocotile and ProMotion NG

PC controls:  

WASD: move Mouse: rotate camera Left click: attack move towards Right click: grab projectiles/objects Space: jump

Xbox 360 Controller: Left thumbstick: move Right thumbstick: camera X/Right trigger: attack move towards B/Right Bumper: grab projectiles/ objects A/Left trigger: Jump

Ideation PowerPoint:


StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Tags3D, Pixel Art, Retro


Sage_demo_Honey_Bunny.zip 746 MB

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